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Learning Resources and Qualifications now availables

NCLP is a charitable status organisation based in Gloucester. Our two parenting courses are provided in a 'one stop shop' package enabling providers to deliver the highest quality accredited parenting programmes in effective multi-agency partnerships. The courses address parenting skills, educational welfare and healthcare needs with embedded life skills and functional skills.

The two training programmes are called YMTB - designed specifically for young mums and dads-to-be and PWP - 'Parents with Prospects' the follow on course. This programme supports good parenting for those with babies and toddlers 6 months - 5 years of age. Click on our video!

Both courses are delivered by a variety of organisations and agencies including Children's Centres, Barnardos, Local authority, Children's Centres and Training Providers.

NCLP has worked with Edexcel to map both qualifications to the QCF which have been approved by Ofqual and can be viewed on NDAQ.

Tutor comment.. "The resources are brilliant, so well put together and thought through, the
back up is amazing so there are no worries for the Tutors."

Tutor comment .. "We feel that the work done by the staff, through YMTB breaks the cycle of negative parenting and invests in future generations".

Young Parent's comment... "It's wow, it's for us and in a way we understand. We feel someone finally listened to us and has realised we need information and help to survive; it's for us and the baby developing together, this is it!"

Young Parent's comment... "Because of going to Parents with Prospects I've been able to deal with Ruby's terrible 2's as I look at how she is behaving and why. I don't just say "don't do that", I am more positive. We have a closer relationship because I have the confidence to deal with the challenges of being a Mum to a very active toddler".

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Welcome Video (6 minutes)

Image of a tutor and students training Image of a tutor and students training
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Image of a pregnant woman typing Image of a pregnant woman typing
NCLP specialises in the development of Life Skills training programmes, such as YMTB and Parents with Prospects.
We are delighted that these programmes map into our parenting qualification specifications which we have developed with Edexcel.
Our YMTB website has additional detailed information, please click here:

NCLP works closely with the assessors of all the partner training providers to ensure the highest standards of assessment. Guidance and support is provided to all assessors so that excellent assessment practice is shared and maintained.

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Parents with Prospects(PWP) is our programme for young Dads and Mums.
The Parents with Prospects (PWP) course is included on the National Academy of Parenting Practitioners Tool Kit for Commissioners of Parenting Programmes.

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Our YMTB website has additional detailed information, please click here:

Young women, pregnant for the first time, are more vulnerable, often single and frequently from challenging backgrounds. Young Dads often feel pushed out and isolated.

The YMTB - Parents to be programme offers a wide range of support, skills and education to improve life styles and parenting skills, develop citizenship skills, gain confidence, continue education or enter the work place.

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Image of H click here to visit the YMTB website and the Advice & Guidance page for help with pregnancy
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