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Tommy's Pregnancy Publications

Tommy's publish a range of books and leaflets that focus on keeping women informed and healthy before and throughout their pregnancies and support them in having healthy babies.

Tommy's books and leaflets are sent out free of charge and are available to everyone.
To order any of the publications, please go to the Tommy's website and complete the online order form.

The young woman's guide to pregnancy

This new guide is now available and has been developed specifically for pregnant teenagers, who can be at higher risk of having pregnancy complications and less healthy babies. It provides sound advice to help young mums-to-be keep their unborn babies as healthy as possible and features real life experiences and common questions asked of our midwives.


Move On Up

Our NCLP development team has recently received 'train the trainer' coaching to enable us to ensure that Skills for Life (SfL) are not only embedded in our training programmes, but that SfL information is included in our tutor training sessions. The move-on website provides valuable and fun assessments, tools and resources.


The Meningitis Trust

The Meningitis Trust is working towards a world that is free from meningitis and meningococcal septicaemia (blood poisoning) and where those affected receive quality care and support for life. It offers a range of services to health professionals, the general public and to those affected by meningitis. It's helping to rebuild lives with its vital support services including a 24-hour nurse-led helpline, professional counselling, home visiting and financial grants. It's also trying to save lives by raising awareness of the disease through education and training and new research programmes. For more information on meningitis or the work of the Meningitis Trust, please contact Community Development Officer Matt Croxall 0n 0845 120 4884.


NHS Direct

Your gateway to health information on the net. Provides health advice and links enabling everyone to benefit directly from all the knowledge and experience of the National Health Service.


Care Confidential

CARE confidential offers support and advice on all aspects of unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy loss. Talk confidentially to one of our counsellors on our free, national helpline: 0800 028 2228 or e-mail via our website. Details of our opening hours can be found on our website.


BBC Parenting Website

The BBC offers a wealth of services from advice on choosing a school to online games that will help your child to learn...


Health & Safety Commission

The Health and Safety Commission is responsible for health and safety regulation in Great Britain. The Health and Safety Executive and local government are the enforcing authorities who work in support of the Commission.


Kids and Nutrition

An excellent public interest website focused on maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet in children.



NIACE (National Institute of Adult Continuing Education) is an educational charity for England and Wales. The organisation is dedicated to promoting adult learning.


Food Standards Agency

The FSA is an agency of the of the UK government. It is responsible for protecting public health in relation to food throughout the UK.


Group B Strep Support

A charity working to prevent GBS infection in newborn babies


The British Dietetic Association

Contains many useful downloadable leaflets on the lastest food facts, giving valuable information on many subjects.


BLISS the premature baby charity

Supporting parents and families through a wide range of information services.



TinyTalk signing is included within the YMTB Communication Unit. The TinyTalk pack and DVD have won awards and Katie Mayne, founder and developer has received a Highly Commended award as Inspirational Business Mum of the Year 2007.



The UNICEF UK 'babyfriendly' website offers downloadable leaflets on many subjects for parents. The leaflets are available in different languages and are attractive with easy to follow diagrams. There is also information on training for tutors including courses, workshops and training packages.


Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT)

The national charity committed to reducing the number of children and young people killed, disabled and injured as a result of accidents.


Care to Learn

If you're under 20 and have one or more children, Care to Learn can help with the cost of your childcare while you learn.



An account of life as a practitioner developing work with young parents. The blog is intended to reflect issues that people working with young parents face, to provide a commentary on work with young parents, and to explore and promote good practice. If you have any thoughts, issues, concerns (nothing too personal!) you’d like to get into the open – then let us know and we can discuss them!



Website which supports bereaved parents and also raises awareness in keeping baby safe by highlighting the risks associated with cot death.

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