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Herefordshire 2016

Greencroft Children's Centre
Monday 10.00-12.00
Level 2 Certificate in Caring for children & Young People
Tutor Cathy Williams

Lord Scudamore School Hereford
Monday 13.00-15.00
Level 1 Certificate in Caring for children
Tutor Cathy Williams

The Hope Family Centre Bromyard
Level 1 Certificate in Caring for children
Level 2 Certificate in Caring for children & Young people
Tutor Cathy Williams

Ross Children's Centre
Level 1 Certificate in caring for Children
Tutor Cathy Williams

Widemarsh Children's Centre
Level 2 Certificate in Caring for children & Young people
Tutor Cathy Williams

Ledbury Children's Centre
Level 1 Award in Caring for children
Tutor Cathy Williams

22 March 2016

NCLP move

NCLP will move to head office on 22 March 2016

C4 Brunel Court
Waterwells Business park

Tel: 01452 729136/07891919998

Happy 2013!

Wow - what a year 2012 has been. We are working with county councils across the South West and nationally, we're even working in the USA. Foundation Learning has enabled us to provide our YMTB and PWP courses together with other educational and life skills training. This year will see us developing even more on-line training, apps and new antenatal resources.

Download our Alphapets app for reading, writing and speaking skills for tinys and toddlers. Available for all smart phones and tablets.


Increased Credit Values

We had realised for some time that the young parents completing our qualifications were receiving less credits than those awarded for similar qualifications.

This has been fully investigated by Edexcel and Ofqual and the unit credits have now been increased in line with other qualifications. This makes a huge difference to those completing the award - and of course providers who rely upon funding for achievement. Our brochures do not yet show the new credits - please contact us for more information.

December 2011


The YMTB (Young mums and dads to be) programme has been running in Herefordshire since May 2006.
Between May 2006 and December 2011, 137 young mums in Herefordshire have received NCFE or Edexcel accreditation for learning about pregnancy, birth and being a new parent, and 49 young dads have earned NCLP certificates of achievement for attending the course with their partners on a regular basis, and supporting them as they complete the units in their portfolio.
The programme benefits from input from many different agencies and professionals, Midwives, Youth Workers, Connexions Personal Advisors, SHYPP ( Supported Housing for Young Parents Project) Outreach workers, Health Visitors, Community Nursery Nurses and Childrenís Centre Workers, who provide holistic support for prospective young parents. Statistics from the Connnexions database show that 20% of young mums who attended YMTB have gone into some form of education, training or employment at some stage after the birth of their babies, compared with only 6% of those who didnít attend the course, but were eligible to do so.
The programme runs alongside a postnatal group for young parents, run by a Community Nursery Nurse and Youth worker, which was originally set up in response to a request from the young parents themselves, and which provides on-going parenting support.
Young parents are presented with their Awards and Certificates at an Award Ceremony in Hereford. In December 2011, Jesse Norman, the MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire, presented the latest cohort with their certificates and pledged his support for the YMTB programme.

April 2011

Parents with Prospects DVD

Our new 6 minute DVD is now available to play from our homepage. The DVD gives a snapshort of the PWP programme during a session, learners give their comments and our tutor explains what is happening. This is a Surestart Children's Centre in Gloucestershire.

January 2011

The Graham Allen Independent Report

Early Intervention: The Next Steps

This independent Report highlights and reinforces previous findings that the first years of a child's life are vitally important to his or her life chances. The cycle of teenage pregnancy can be broken..

"Early intervention to promote social and emotional development can significantly improve mental and physical health, educational attainment and employment opportunities. ealy Intervention can also help to prevent criminarl behaviour (especially violent behaviour), drug and alcohol abuse and teenage pregnancy".

December 2010

Frank Field Report The Foundation Years:

This is an excellent report and well worth reading.... Page 7 para 10... "Children's Centres should ensure all new parents are encouraged to take advantage of a parenting course. Midwives and health visitors should work closely with Centres and ensure a consistency of service is provided, with continuity between the more medical pre birth services and increasingly educational post natal work...."
There are many more references to the importance of parenting courses - accredited courses like YMTB and PWP have the added advantage of provding a pathway back into education, training and, at an appropriate time work.


August 2010

YMTB - PWP Early Intervention

Parents wth Prospects and YMTB courses contribute to reducing unplanned pregnancies. Third, fourth and additional pregnancies can be a result of lack of motivation, aspiration and educational opportunities. The courses help to reduce barriers around career posibilities. Once engaged in learning parents and babies benefit.

Between 1998 and 2008, the under-18 conception rate
fell from 46.6 per thousand women aged 15 to 17 in 1998,
to 40.5 per thousand in 2008. If the conception rate had
remained at its 1998 level, this would have equated to
42,000 extra conceptions, of which 22,000 would have
resulted in births. While it is not possible to attribute all of the reduction in teenage pregnancy rates directly to the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy, it is clear that it has yielded a wide range of savings. Reducing teenage pregnancy rates cuts abortion and maternity expenses as well as costs associated with supporting vulnerable teenage parents, including work to improve outcomes for them and their children, payments of income support, housing and child benefit.
Every 1 pound invested in contraception saves the NHS an
estimated 11 pounds. There is a strong economic rationale for continuing prevention work around teenage pregnancy and also for supporting young parents to prevent them being not in education, employment or training (NEET).

April 2009

New Qualifications and Credit Framework

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Edexcel. This exciting development sees YMTB (Young Parents to Be) and Parents with Prospects being available as an integrated antenatal and parenting award structure on the Qualifications and Credit Framework from September 2009.

April 2009

Edexcel & NCLP QCF Press Release

Please click on the link below to view our joint press release.

July 2009

National Academy of Parenting Practitioners

Parents with Prospects is included on the NAPP Commissioning Toolkit

The YMTB course has been fully evaluated by NAPP and is also included on the Toolkit.

November 2007

YMTB Skills for Life Competence Award

  • The YMTB Skills for Life Competence Award was delivered as a non accredited course until 2002

  • All Providers were running the accredited course by November 2003

  • Since accreditation 3,111 learners have been registered for the YMTB - Skills for Life Competence Award

  • In the 12 month period August 2006 - August 2007, 552 learners were registered

  • From these registrations 467 learners have achieved the YMTB award

  • 42 learners are working towards achievement

  • Only 7.8% (43) of learners have withdrawn

  • The overall achievement rate to date is 84.6%. This figure will increase over the next few months as learners continue to achieve

  • Young dads to be also achieve the YMTB Award (at present our records do not differentiate between male and female learners). Many centres support young dads to be who are included in the sessions

  • On average the learners have achieved 7 units per portfolio

  • There are now 40 Providers nationally

  • Portfolios are assessed, internally and externally verified to level 1 standard.

  • Each year achievement levels have improved as tutors become more familiar with the resources, resources and tutor training are improved and long-term portfolios (school re-integration) are completed.


    July 2007

    YMTB cited in multi-agency guide

    Multi-agency working to support pregnant teenagers -A midwifery guide to partnership working with Connexions and other agencies.

    This Guide has been written with the aim of improving outcomes for pregnant teenagers and new teenage parents, particularly those under 18. See pages 16 and 19

    This guide is available to downloaded from the following website:

    July 2007

    YMTB & PWP cited as best practice

    Teenage Parents Next Steps: Guidance for Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts - Case studies on pages 29 and 57.

    Beverley Hughes states in her introduction "In chapter 6, we set out our vision for what we want each local area to provide for teenage parents and what we will do nationally to support them to deliver more tailored and responsive services. It does not place new burdens on services, but looks in particular at how key mainstream services - midwifery and health visiting services, Children's Centres, Targeted Youth Support services, Reintegration officers and Housing officers - can tailor the support they provide so that it better meets young parents' needs. It makes the case for an integrated approach to supporting young parents, with support from different agencies brokered through a lead professional."

    April 2009

    New Edexcel Award Structure

    We are delighted to advise our providers that the qualifications YMTB and Parents with Prospects will shortly be available through Edexcel on the Qualfications and Credit Framework.

    Registered Learners will be able to continue achieving their NCFE qualifications.

    The new Edexcel QCF qualifications will be available with effect from September 2009. These new qualifications integrate YMTB - Skills for Life Competence and Parents with Prospects into an exciting award structure building on and enhancing our existing programmes

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